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Madas Manual Reset Type Solenoid Valve

Madas Manual Reset Type Solenoid Valve
  • Fast Closing Safety Feature of Solenoid Valves enhanced with Manual Reset System.
  • Ideal for Critical and Semi-Critical Safety Interlock applications which required Manual Intervention when a fault condition occurs.
  • Ideal to use as Safety Shut Off device with Gas Detectors, Over Limit Thermostat, Pressure Switches and during Plant Blackout.
  • Simply powering up the Solenoid Coil does not open the valve. Opening of valve is possible only by hand.
  • Available as Normally Closed or Normally Open.
  • High Pressure versions available for Max. 6 Bar Pressure rating.
  • Sizes available from DN15 to DN300.
  • Available with Closed Positions Feedback Switch.
  • Ex version suitable for use ATEX Zone 1 area.
  • Suitable for Natural Gas, LPG, Propane and other dry and non aggressive gases of the 3 families. As per EN437:2003