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Intello Adjustable Port Valve

Port valve
  • Valves for Linear Flow Control of Gas
  • Suitable for use with non-corrosive dry fuels like Natural Gas, LPG and Propane or Air and Nitrogen
  • Flow characteristics better than Butterfly Valves
  • Compact design makes assembly and installation user friendly
  • 90 Deg. Valve stroke adapts to any Quarter Turn Actuator
  • Adjustable Port for Limiting Max Flow rate
  • Combination of Adjustable stroke Actuator and Adjustable port of valve, for Optimum flow Control
  • Rugged Design for high performance in Industrial Environment
  • Sizes available from DN25 to DN100
  • Max. 360 mbar Pressure rating
  • Can be directly coupled with Wide range of INTELLO actuator to suit majority of applications