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Turbine Gas Flow Meter with EVC

A turbine gas flow meter is a gas volume detecting instrument based on velocity principle. Elgas turbine gas meters offer high measurement stability and thus measure the gas consumption accurately. These meters are robust, reliable and are available in large range of pressure ratings and sizes. Elgas turbine gas meters offer an over-run-brake feature, which is crucial to eliminate measurement errors in burner ON-OFF applications. They are designed considering the requirements of industrial gas metering applications. Moreover, they are manufactured in accordance with EN standards.

Radial Turbine Gas Meter with EVC

Technical characteristics

  • Principle of velocity measurement
  • For measurements requiring obligatory verification (for MID versions)
  • Accuracy :
    • from 0.2Q to Q ... +/-1 % max
    • below 0.2Q ... +/- 2 % max
  • Media : Natural Gas/ LPG/ Biogas
  • Flow range to 3 – 650 A m3/h
  • Sizes G 16 up to G 400
  • Connection sizes 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch. Also DN 50, 80 and 100
  • Operating pressure max. 6 bar
  • The counter is in a gas-free space
  • Only metal body can be installed in pipeline without connecting the metering head