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Rotary Gas Flow Meter

A rotary gas flow meter works on the positive displacement principle which makes volumetric measurements by displacing finite volumes of gas. For high precision gas volume measurement applications, like metering for Gas companies, Elgas Rotary type meters are preferred. They are specifically designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas consumption. These meters offer large range ability, exceptional performance and allow local repair and on-site cleaning. Coupled with advanced features to meet future requirements, they are compliant with relevant European standards.

Rotary Gas Flow Meter

Technical characteristics

  • Media : Natural Gas/ LPG/ Biogas
  • Size DN 40 – DN 150 (1” – 6”)
  • Accuracy :
    • Qt to Qmax: ± 1% or better
    • Qmin to Qt: ± 2% or better
  • Flow range 0.5 – 650 m3/h
  • Change flow range to 0.2 – 1000 A m3/h
  • Large rangeability
  • Removable cartridge design
  • Robust construction
  • Multi position
  • Compact installation
  • Tamper proof exchangeable index